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Volume 7(2)/2015

First pages, 2015 ABAH Bioflux 7(2):i-viii.

Jalili P., Eagderi S., Azimi H., Mousavi-Sabet H., 2015 Osteological description of the southern king fish, Alburnus mossulensis from Iranian part of the Tigris River drainage. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):113-121.

Bitalas M. B., Sagot C. J., Veronilla J. A. H., Boquia E. E. S., Neiz K. L. M., Dellomes S. A., Gatinao M. J. O., Requieron E. A., Flamiano R. S., Torres M. A. J., 2015 Relative warp analysis in determining sexual dimorphism of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in Malungon Sarangani Province, Philippines. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):122-130.

Eagderi S., Bahrami-Ziarani M., Poorbagher H., Farahmand H., Hasanpour S., Mousavi-Sabet H., 2015 Osteological development of the head in a triploid sturgeon (Acipenser baeri x Huso huso). ABAH Bioflux 7(2):131-140.

Alagos N. J. S., Teofilo R. C. E., Par L. G., Requieron E. A., Torres M. A. J., Amalin D. M., Caranding J. S., Flores M. J., 2015 Effectivity test of the fungi Trichoderma viride and Metarhizium anisopliae as biocontrol agents against cow ticks Rhipicephalus microplus. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):141-150.

Abdolhoseinzade F., Pazira A.-R., Noorbakhsh H. Z., 2015 Identification of crabs in itertidal zone (coastal field of the Persian Gulf). Case study of Bushehr County. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):151-158.

Serrano Jr. A. E., Declarador R. S., Tumbokon B. L. M., 2015 Proximate composition and apparent digestibility coefficient of Sargassum spp. meal in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):159-168.

Serrano Jr. A. E., Tumbokon B. L. M., 2015 Optimum dietary inclusion of Ulva intestinalis to the diet of the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon postlarvae. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):169-176.

Ionescu H., Oroian T. E., 2015 Phenotypic characterization of a population of pigeons, Galati players breed, black flecked white and red flecked white variety. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):177-182.

Ionescu H., Oroian T. E., Botha M., 2015 Phenotypic characterization of a population of Galati players pigeon breed blue flecked white and white unicolor variety. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):183-187.

Mierlita D., 2015 The effect of replacement of soybean meal with rape meal free of erucic acid and glucosides on growth performance and fatty acids profile of meat in turkeys. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):188-195.

Marchis Z., Muresan G., Stan A., Coroian A., Coroian C. O., 2015 Donkey milk chemical composition and the influence of lactation. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):196-201.

Bani Ismail Z., Alekish M. O., 2015 Hematology and serum biochemistry analyses in Awassi sheep affected with clinical and subclinical mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus and antimicrobial sensitivity patterns of the isolated bacterial strains. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):202-207.

Marchis Z., Negrea O., Stan A., Coroian A., Coroian C. O., 2015 The influence of lactation on SCC and TNG of the donkey milk. ABAH Bioflux 7(2):208-212.