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Volume 3(1)/2011

First pages, 2011 ABAH Bioflux 3(1):i-vi.

Georgescu B., Georgescu C., Daraban S., Mihaiescu T., 2010 Assessment of persistant organic pollutants acting as endocrine disruptor chemicals in animal fat, cow milk and lacteous sub-products from Cluj County, Romania. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):1-9.

Coroian A., Coroian C. O., Vodnar D. C., Trif M., Miresan V., Raducu C., 2011 Study on some milk production indices of Romanian buffalo. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):10-17.

Mehrad B., Jafaryan H., Taati M. M., 2011 Impact of different dietary vitamin C contents on growth, survival, fecundity and egg diameter in the zebrafish, Danio rerio (Pisces, Cyprinidae). ABAH Bioflux 3(1):18-25.

Pricop F., Pricop L., 2011 Recent contributions to the scientific substantiation of the gene theory of sexuality in Galinaceae. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):26-37.

Petrescu-Mag I. V., Petrescu-Mag R. M., Pasarin B., Pop D., Botha M., Gilca V., Bud I., Hoha G., Creanga S., 2011 Proposal of standard for the judgement of the exhibition Transylvanian Giant Rabbit. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):39-41.

Botha M., Hettig A., Petrescu-Mag I. V., 2011 The Rabbit of Cluj: a new phenotype obtained, maintained and improved in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania), Romania. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):42-47.

Luangpirom A., Komnont N., 2011 Mitigation of cimetidine induced testicular toxicity in mice by Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex Baker rhizome extract. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):48-54.

Mahmoudnia N., Boldaji F., Dastar B., Zerehdaran S., 2011 Nutritional evaluation of poultry by-product meal in broiler chickens. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):55-64.

Barozai Y.  H., Rafeeq M., Baloch H., Shahzad I., Hilal B., Abbas F., Jehan M., 2011 Study on performance analysis of Holstein Fresien cattle under intensive management at government dairy farm, Pishin, Balochistan. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):65-70.

Jaspe C. J., Caipang C. M. A., 2011 Small-scale hatchery and larval rearing techniques for local strains of saline tolerant tilapia, Oreochromis spp. ABAH Bioflux 3(1):71-77.

Caipang C. M. A., Sibonga M. F. J., Geduspan J. S., Apines-Amar M. J. S., Calpe A. T., 2011 Effective health management in shrimp hatcheries: use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the rapid detection of Philippine isolates of Penaeus monodon-type baculovirus (MBV). ABAH Bioflux 3(1):78-85.

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