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Volume 5(2)/2013

First pages, 2013 ABAH Bioflux 5(2):i-vi.

Hematzade A., Taati M. M., Raissy M., 2013 Effects of extrusion of diet on growth parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). ABAH Bioflux 5(2):127-131.

Pavli C., Tanase I. O., 2013 Short term preservation of chilled tomcat (Felis catus L.) spermatozoa, obtained by urethral catheterization after medetomidine administration, diluted with a laboratory prepared extender. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):132-136.

Ganzon-Naret E. S., 2013 Growth response and feed intake of Lates calcarifer to four different dietary protein levels with green pea (Pisum sativum) under controlled laboratory condition. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):137-144.

Aspacio K. T., Yuto C. M., Nuneza O. M., Villanueva R. J. T., 2013 Species diversity of Odonata in selected areas of Buru-un, Iligan City and Tubod, Lanao del Norte, Philippines. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):145-155.

Todoran L., Bud I., 2013 Opportunities to improve the quality of aquatic products. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):156-164.

Marchis Z., Negrea O., Ludu I., Terhes S. C., Cighi V., Coroian A., 2013 Research concerning the reproduction indices in Semigreu of Transylvania equine function of years (2008-2012), and by total population. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):165-170.

Georgescu B., Georgescu C. E., 2013 Bisphenol A levels in commercial milk, infant formula and dairy products. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):171-174.

Ganzon-Naret E. S., 2013 Effects of feeding frequency on growth, survival rate and body composition in sea bass (Lates calcarifer) juveniles fed a commercial diet under laboratory condition. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):175-182.

Coroian A., Matea C. T., Bele C., Miresan V., Raducu C., Odagiu A., Daraban S., Coroian C. O., 2013 Variation of the fatty acids in buffalo milk and cheese. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):183-187.

Coroian A., Miresan V., Raducu C., Cocan D., Daraban S., Coroian C. O., 2013 Changes of buffalo milk physico-chemical parameters in a population from Cluj County. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):188-193.

Cighi V., Oroian T. E., Felvinti C., Marchis Z., Gavrila V., Cighi L., Dronca D. D., 2013 Research on the influence of genetic structure and on the main morpho-productive and reproductive traits in Bazna swine breed, 157 and 001 strain. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):194-202.

Pop S., Bud I., 2013 The possibility of growth of North African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Romanian natural ponds during summer period. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):203-208.

Lacuna M. L. D. G., Simyunn D. D., Mejorada R. O., Espana N., Sagrado D. C., 2013 Description of marine copepods, Centropages furcatus, Eucalanus monachus and Oncaea venusta, in Mindanao waters, Southern Philippines. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):209-228.

Pop S., Bud I., 2013 Influence of basin shape on growth performance and development of North African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). ABAH Bioflux 5(2):229-235.

Carsai T. C., Vlaic A., 2013 The polymorphism of RseI type at STAT 5A locus in cattle. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):236-240

Ganzon-Naret E. S., 2013 Influence of different feeding rates using commercial dry pellets on growth, feed efficiency and survival for hatchery produced sea bass Lates calcarifer. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):241-248.

Luangpirom A., Kourchampa W., Somsapt P., 2013 Effect of bitter melon (Momordica charantia Linn) fruit juice on blood prolactin level and histological change of mammary gland in lactating mice. ABAH Bioflux 5(2):249-254.