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Volume 6(2)/2014

First pages, 2014 ABAH Bioflux 6(2):i-viii.

Ganzon-Naret E. S., 2014 The influence of different stocking densities on the performance and behavior among the hatchery reared sea bass (Lates calcarifer) juveniles in recirculating system. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):125-133.

Moemeka M. A., Okagbare G. O., Sorhue G. U., 2014 The optimum feeding level of Gmelina arborea leaves supplemented with Pennisetum purpureum to West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):134-139.

Serrano Jr. A. E., Santizo R., 2014 Dietary substitution of protein concentrate of Ulva lactuca for soybean meal in the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon fry. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):140-147.

Galorio A. H. N., Nuneza O. M., 2014 Diet of cave-dwelling bats in Bukidnon and Davao Oriental, Philippines. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):148-157.

Ganzon-Naret E. S., 2014 Utilization of Moringa oleifera leaf meals as plant protein sources at different inclusion levels in fish meal based diets fed to Lates calcarifer. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):158-167.

Alaban L. R. S., Andrino K. G. S., Ojerio V. T., Settera E. L., Corre V. L. Jr., 2014 Effect of beta glucan immersion on the survival of mud crab Scylla serrata (Portunidae) larvae. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):168-172.

Serrano Jr. A. E., Declarador R. S., 2014 Growth performance of black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon larvae fed diets supplemented with ulvan. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):173-180.

Tavakolipour H., Matini S., Pasdar N., Jalilzade A., 2014 Monitoring the chemical and textural changes during ripening of Iranian white cheese made with different concentration of glucono delta lactone. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):181-188.

Pricop E., Moglan I., 2014 Megaphragma Timberlake (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae), a newly recorded genus from Romania, with notes on morphology and taxonomy. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):189-194.

Chavez N. N., Traifalgar R. F., Gonzaga J. V., Corre V. L. Jr., 2014 Growth performance of Penaeus monodon fed diets containing water hyacinth leaf protein concentrate. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):195-201.

Pentelescu O. N., Onaciu G., Jurco E., 2014 Process capability in raw milk pasteurization. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):202-209.

Onaciu G., Jurco E., Pentelescu O. N., Negrea O., Barbieru V., 2014 Quantitative and qualitative parameters of cow milk, obtained from Romanian spotted breed - Simmental type, raised in Transylvania area. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):210-215.

Safaei M., Boldaji F., Dastar B., Hassani S., Taran M., 2014 Economic analysis using silicate minerals in broiler chickens diets. ABAH Bioflux 6(2):216-223.