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Volume 2(2)/2010

First pages. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):i-vi.

Moldovanu C., Laslo C., 2010 Research on raw material correlation and soy protein derivatives used for meat preparations in membrane. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):53-57.

Luangpirom A., Sirisarn W., Pontaisog J., 2010 Antifertility activity of the aqueous leaf extract of Cissampelos pareira in male albino mice. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):59-64.

Moldovanu C., Laslo C., 2010 Physicochemical and microbiological research on characteristics of meat products during storage in the membrane depending on the quality of raw materials. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):65-70.

Kataria N., Kataria A. K., Maan R., Gahlot A. K., 2010 Evaluation of clinical utility of serum enzymes of hepatic  origin in clinically affected Marwari sheep of arid tract in India. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):71-75.

Shanker S., Velmurugan S., Rajagopal S., 2010 Purge lecithin for less-expensive diet formulation for black tiger prawn Penaeus monodon. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):77-82.

Taati M. M., Jafaryan H., Mehrad B., Golpour A., 2010 Changes of ovarian fluid compositions and sperm quality parameters in koi (ornamental Cyprinus carpio) during spawning season. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):83-90.

Taati M. M., Mehrad B., Jafaryan H., 2010 Investigation of the hatching performance, growth, survival and tolerance against high ammonia concentration by enrich water incubation of carp (Cyprinus carpio) eggs with α-tocopherol. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):91-98.

Sakkaravarthi K., Sankar G., Ramamoorthy K., Lakshmanan R., 2010 Effect of soil probiotics in the shrimp culture. ABAH Bioflux 2(2):99-105.

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