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Pilot (a)/2007 (December, 30)

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Botha M., 2007 [The English beef cattle breeds]. ABAH Bioflux Pilot (a):1-21. [In Romanian].

Abstract. Having in consideration the high genetic progress in the beef industry, accomplished by turning account the heterosis advantages using interracial crossing, the old English members of the Bovidae family shows his true, indisputable values. Some significant features regarding certain periods from the cattleā€™s life are as follows: The Age at The First Calving (AFC), The Reform Age (RA) and The Economic Life (EL). Main researches demonstrate that the interracial crossings seem to be the device hereby we can obtain commercial beef production. In conclusion the heterosis effect (hybrid vigour) offers superior characteristics to the hybrids for each analyzed parameter.

Key words: cattle, beef, Hereford, Aberdeen-Angus, Red Angus, Shorthorn, Red Lincoln, Galloway.