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Volume 2(1)/2010 (July, 30)

ISSN 2067-6344 (online)

First pages. ABAH Bioflux 2(1):i-vi.

Profico C., Trentini R., Bernabò N., Govoni N., Brugnola L., Sticco M., Iannino F. M., Mattioli M., Lucidi P., 2010 A non-invasive, improved RIA and overt observation in the study of singleton Apennines’ wolf (Canis lupus) reproductive behaviour. ABAH Bioflux 2(1):1-9.

Petrovici S., Trif A., Petrovici M., Cristina R. T., Tulcan C., 2010 Consequences of potassium dichromate intake on proteic profile in female rats, Rattus norvegicus (six months exposure). ABAH Bioflux 2(1):11-14.

Trif A., Petrovici S., Dumitrescu E., Petrovici M., 2010 Dynamics of female sexual hormones in F1 generation female rats (Rattus norvegicus), exposed to potassium dichromate (Cr VI). ABAH Bioflux 2(1):15-19.

Luangpirom A., Taweebot N., 2010 Protective effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn. calyx extract on tetracycline induced testicular toxicity in mice. ABAH Bioflux 2(1):21-26.

Patrutoiu T. C. R., Patrutoiu I., 2010 Contributions to the knowledge of the Romanian from the western Dacian Basin: The molluscs' fauna from Racarii de Jos (Dolj County). ABAH Bioflux 2(1):27-34.

Rafeeq M., Tariq M. M., Bajwa M. A., 2010 Comparative study to estimate the productive performance of different sheep breeds of Balochistan in semi intensive conditions. ABAH Bioflux 2(1):35-38.

Rosca I., Arteni O. M., 2010 Feedig ecology of black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus Linnaeus, 1758) from the Romanian Black Sea (Agigea – Eforie Nord area). ABAH Bioflux 2(1):39-46.

Arteni O. M., Rosca I., 2010 Some morphological features of carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) in different stages of development. ABAH Bioflux 2(1):47-52.